Property Legislation South Africa

Consumer Protection Act Of 2008

The goal to accumulate wealth through investment is achievable provided a quality tenant was sourced and you understand the tenant's rights. If you are not 100% informed and fully compliant with the laws and regulations that govern this industry, you will not be protected from potentially unscrupulous claims from disgruntled tenants, contractors and other bodies.

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Rental Housing Act Of 1999

This Act regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants and it provides for dispute resolution by the Rental Housing Tribunal. It was brought about to protect the rights of the landlord and the tenants alike. The Bill was amended in 2014 and it is important to familiarise yourself with some of the more notable changes to the Act and how they affect you as the landlord or tenant.

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FICA (Financial Intelligence Center Act)

The act exists to prevent money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, financing of terrorism & other related criminal activity that aims to misuse our financial systems. The Act requires certain accountable institutions such as Banks, Estate agents and Attorneys to validate and verify their client's identity before a business transaction can take place

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