Why Tenants prefer to Rent Professionally Managed Properties

Just like most property owners have some serious concerns about any new tenant moving into their rental property (will they look after my property, will they pay their rent on time, will I have to incur the costs and pain of eviction if they don’t?); the two biggest issues/fears that tenants have when renting a property are:  1) What if the landlord does not do the maintenance that he is supposed to in terms of the lease and I don’t get what I am paying for?  2) Will the landlord refund my deposit after I move out?  


Of course this does not mean that all landlords will act in this way, but the problem is that some landlords do act in this way and have little regard for a tenant’s rights and the tenant will not know this until it is too late.  


Smart Tenants have realised that they have a much better chance of being treated fairly and in accordance with the law, if they choose a rental property that is professionally managed by reputable, Smart Estate Agents.  


Smart Agents do after-all know that their professional reputation is on the line and will make sure that they will treat both tenants and landlords, fairly and in accordance with the terms of the lease and the law.


Who are these Smart Tenants?

  • They know the rental amount that they can afford and rent within their means.

  • Pay their rent on time.

  • Will look after a rental property as their own and want to be treated well in return.

  • Get a sense of security and comfort knowing a Smart Agent will be assisting and dealing with all issues related to the property.

  • Know that their deposits are safe and secure in a Smart Agent’s Trust Account

  • Know that they will not be scammed by Smart Agents.

  • Have peace of mind when dealing with Smart Agents

  • They know their rights!

Smart Landlords

  • Know the value of their own time

  • Are happy to let a Smart Agents handle all aspects of their rental properties, knowing that the property and all related issues are in good hands.

  • Are happy to pay for a service that will end up saving them time and money in the long run.

  • Know that they have a business partner to take care of their investment property business in a Smart Agent

  • Know that they need to properly maintain their rental properties to ensure that they attract and keep Smart Tenants.

  • Know that they get quality service and a trustworthy relationship from a Smart Agent

Smart Estate Agents

  • Are ethical, professional and legally allowed to act as Estate Agents (registered with the EAAB)

  • Ensure fair and legally compliant lease agreements are signed between landlord and tenant

  • Know the business and complexities of the rental industry and understand that more than 20 different Acts, Amendments and Regulations affect the property rental industry.

  • Have the experience to handle difficult rental situations every day.

  • Deal with all maintenance and repairs as required in the property

  • Have systems in place to deal with maintenance and emergencies 24/7

  • Are specialists in property management

  • Are excellent communicators and take care of problems

  • Have your best interest at heart

  • Send correct invoices to tenants on time

  • Deal with all body corporate issues related to landlord and tenant

  • Provide assistance with legal issues and know when to pass matters on to Smart Attorneys

  • Know the value of a Smart Tenant!

So, in summary, Smart Tenants prefer to rent properties that are well managed by Smart Agents, because they will have the comfort of knowing they will be well treated, repairs and maintenance (if required) will be done, and assuming they return the property in the same good condition after the lease ends, they will not have a problem getting their deposit back.  Furthermore they know that they will always be able to get hold of their Smart Agent, to deal with problems or emergencies and they can always expect to receive good, solid advice from them. By - Harry Meyburgh #AskEtchells