The Value of Professional Real Estate Photography

Online property platforms such as Private Property and Property24 have made viewing sales property easier than ever before! Technology has changed the face of property viewing; a Buyer’s first point of contact with the property is now the online listing.


Aspirant homebuyers are a click-away from viewing hundreds of property listings in a matter of minutes. The property portals take it a step further by grouping available properties by suburb and area; and to further simplify the selection process Buyers can define their search by price, property type and features (to name a few). But with so many competitively-priced listings to choose from, how can Sellers ensure that their property attracts attention and maintains interest?


Quality Images are Everything!

The Main Image:

A bright, clear, hi-resolution image as the main image will stand out among the hundreds of properties listed in any given area. The main image is the first impression a Buyer has of the property and should therefore be eye-catching. If prospective Buyers willingly select to view the property based on the main image and the limited property features visible on the listing page over other similarly-spec’ed properties then the Seller has achieved their purpose – the listing has captured the Buyer’s interest!  It’s vital that the property owner represent their property well to better their chances of attracting interested Buyers.

This means that poorly-lit, low-resolution images that fail to show the property in its best light and draw attention to the most attractive features can dampen the interest on what is actually a lovely property. If the images are poor quality, or there are no images at all, the Buyer will simply pass over the listing without a second glance.


All Property Images:

To encourage potential Buyers to spend more than a few seconds on the property’s listing page Sellers should ensure that all images, not just the main image, emphasise the most attractive features in the home. Space, flow, furnishings and lighting are popular attributes to highlight. Images that are ordered in such a way as to show the flow and design of the home will give serious Buyers a good idea of the layout. This is further emphasised through virtually taking the Bpotential Buyer on a tour of the property by photographing it room by room and ordering the images online to reflect this. Careful planning and room preparation is essential! Before taking professional photographs make certain that that following are attended to:


Room Preparation for Professional Property Photos:

  • Clean the house/apartment beforehand; make the beds, arrange scatter cushions neatly; wash and pack away the dishes; close toilet seats.

  • Declutter and pack away; remove paperwork, clothing and toiletries from available surfaces/floors/baskets/washing lines; store toys in cupboards or out of site.

  • Open the curtains; straighten blinds and turn on the lights.

Why Use a Professional Agent:

As part of their training at Etchells & Young, new agents receive comprehensive instruction on professionally photographing property. Real Estate photography is defined as both a science and an art; and this is particularly evident in the way a room is approached. The E&Y agents are advised on how to take images that highlight the property’s most attractive attributes so as to gain and retain Buyer interest. Our aim is to place the Seller’s (/Landlord’s) property at the forefront of other competitively priced and marketed properties through quality images and targeted advertising.


The below images of the same property are an example of the value of using a professional property photographer or an agent trained in real estate photography: