Benefits of a Sole Mandate - For Sellers

One Agent One Company

Working with ONE Agent from ONE Real Estate company simplifies the sales transaction and eliminates security concerns, ensuring the seller's privacy.

One for sale board

Working with only one Agency guarrantees only one For Sale board outside the property, reducing unnecessary curb-side clutter.

Accountable agent

The Agent is Solely Accountable to the Seller. A business relationship forms between Agent and Seller based on the Agent's strong sense of ownership and responsibility towards the Seller and the business transaction. The Agent has the Seller's best interests at heart when dealing with purchasers, negotiation, and all other aspects relating to the sale.


Genuine Buyers

The Agent controls viewings and pre-qualifies Buyers. This ensures only serious buyers are introduced to the property, eliminating any future disappointment brought on by serial browsers and curious neighbours.      


Highly specific pool of potential buyers

All prospective Buyers, belonging to the Agent's extensive Buyer database, who fall within the price range at that particular point in time in that specific area are introduced to the property.      


No double commission claims

Open Mandates increase the chance of complicated shared commission structures and may lead to disputes over commission splits. Sole Mandates eliminate the possibility of more than one Agency bringing the same Buyer to the property, where the Seller is then liable to pay double commission if that Buyer purchases the property. 


No springboarding by other agents

Certain unscrupulous Agencies use open listings as a springboard for other sales listings, by diverting genuine buyers away from the open listings towards their Sole Mandated properties. This practice is very common on open listings.


Focused agent

The Agent and Agency are incentivised to offer top service. A Sole Mandate motivates the Agent and Agency to commit time, energy, and finances to gaining extensive exposure across varioustraditional and digital marketing platforms.

Sellers looking to sell their property at the highest price in the shortest amount of time with the least complications should consider signing a Sole Mandate with a reputable and experienced Real Estate Agency.

Our highly qualified Sales Agents are committed to consistently providing personalised service throughout the sales process, and boast the experience and negotiation skills necessary for a successful sales transaction.