Tenant and Landlord relationships

Before we begin to read any further, let us outline 2 basic understanding terms.

  • A landlord is a property owner who grants another party the right to live in their property for a scheduled time.

  • A tenant, is a person or people who have been granted the right to live in the property.

With that being said, there are certain obligations that a tenant needs to adhere to in order to make their time living at the property, a happy and comfortable one.


A landlord tenant relationship begins the moment the lease has been signed by both parties. The right to occupy a property can be given verbally or in a written agreement, however verbal agreement is not advised.  


Landlord Obligations

  • Preparing a compliant lease agreement in easy to understand terms.

  • Ensuring the property is in a habitable condition.

  • Carrying out repairs to the property which may inhibit occupation

  • Holding the tenants deposit in an interest bearing trust account.

  • Completing an entry and exit inspection before and after occupation.

  • Refunding the deposit at the end of the tenancy, provided that everything is in order.

  • Adhering to the Rental Housing Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

  • Adhering to the terms of the clauses set out in the lease agreement.

  • To furnish the tenant with invoices and receipts of all monies owed and paid by the tenant

Tenant Obligations

  • Allowing the landlord to complete inspection of the property when arranged.

  • Payment of rent on time and in full each and every month.
  • Keeping the property in the same condition as was handed to him.

  • Adhering to the terms of the clauses set out in the lease agreement.

  • Pay the stipulated deposit as set out in the lease.

  • The tenant may not use the deposit for rent at any point during the lease.

  • The tenant must grant access to any contractors that are appointed for repairs or damage.

The management of the property whilst living in it is one of the things that many tenants worry about and that is the reason why quality tenants prefer to rent professionally managed properties. 


Our professional management services include the following:  

  • Liaise directly with the Body Corporate & Managing Agents

  • Handle all correspondence with the tenant on the landlords behalf

  • Invoice tenants on a monthly basis for rental and utilities

  • Send a detailed monthly rental statement to the landlord

  • Collect the monthly rental and utilities

  • Chase and follow up late and part payments on behalf of the landlord

  • Deal with problematic tenants when neccesary

  • Feedback to the owner in the case of any issues

  • Payment of utilities, levies and any other accounts

  • Assistance and advice with regards to Legal Processes & Evictions

  Our Maintenance Department

  • Deal with maintenance queries raised by tenants

  • Full administration of repairs and maintenance

  • Determining tenant liability for maintenance as per the lease

  • Payment of authorized maintenance/repairs on the owners' behalf

  • Attend to emergency and after hours maintenance issues

  • 24 hour maintenance number in case of emergencies

  • Access to professional and reliable contractors

  • Dealing with Body Corporate and insurance claims as required.

  • Manage exit inspection snag list and repair damage caused by tenants by applying the deposit as required

#AskEtchells -  It’s always best to remain honest at all times and to be frank with each other as disputes take some time to deal with. Having an agent take care of you, your property and your tenant is a safer and better option for both parties.