Why a Conveyancer?

Would you consult a GP if you needed a cardiologist? Similarly, only a conveyancer has the necessary expertise in all aspects of the property law. Using an attorney instead of a conveyancer may lead to bungled and late transfers which can cost you dearly in terms of:

  • Interest continuing to run on the outstanding mortgage.
  • Increased municipal rates and taxes.
  • Risk that the bank withdraws the purchaser's bond approval.
  • Complications with occupation/possession and the risks involved therein.


What Your Attorney Doesn't Know Can Hurt You

A Conveyancer is an attorney who specializes in all matters related to property law and who has:

  • Qualified as an attorney after passing the necessary exams
  • Passed the necessary further conveyancing exam set by the Law Society
  • Been admitted as a conveyancer by the High Court of South Africa
  • Not all attorneys are qualified as conveyancers and only qualified conveyancers may register property transactions in the Deeds Office.


Your Conveyancer Must Ensure That:

  • The transaction documents are 100% correct.
  • The Seller owns the property and is capable of selling it.
  • The Seller and Purchaser have the contractual capacity to sell & buy.
  • The transaction is allowable in all respects.

Make sure that you appoint a professional conveyancer to take care of your biggest investment.


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