So you are staying, how about actively choosing to contribute positively to a better South Africa and be a part of the solution.


One way to do that is to commit and invest in property. Now is a great time to buy property anyway – we are in a buyer’ market!


Here are a few reasons why it is still a good idea to own property:

  • We are expecting an upturn and growth in the property market after quite a few years of stagnation.

  • You can customise/upgrade your own property to suit your lifestyle and family situation.

  • Capital growth in property = building your own wealth or equity.

  • If you rent, you have annual rental increases vs reasonably stable bond repayment over 20+ years (only subject to interest rate changes – it could go down!)

  • Build your own equity / forced saving.

  • Family stability not bound by a lease or policed by a Landlord.

  • Earn Extra Rental income (from a flatlet or if this is a rental property)

Take the following into account when deciding to buy a property:

  • Free standing, Secure Estate or Sectional Title – what are my needs vs additional costs?

  • Security features – this is Jo’burg!

  • Maintenance requirements – does the house I want to buy have a long list of items that need repairing now and what about in future? Certain styles and features have more on-going maintenance requirements than others. A lot of maintenance now could mean that I can negotiate with the seller.

  • What schools and amenities (shopping centres, restaurants, etc) are within easy reach?

  • Does this suburb mean a long or short commute to work? Is that important to me?

  • Take the Costs of Buying into account, such as one-off items like Transfer duties, bond registration cost and on-going costs such as monthly levies, rates & taxes, maintenance, security, etc

  • Renovation/ upgrade potential – can I improve this home at some stage? Is it physically possible or will I be limited because of potentially over capitalising?

So, you may now have more questions than answers, maybe you even want to find a place to rent first.


So don’t delay, let us help you right away! Our experienced and professional agents a (Rental or Sale) are standing by to help, provide advice and answer your questions.