Spring time is almost finally upon us and I’m sure that most of you are planning to make a much more creative garden to enjoy.


August is just about gone and we are ready to welcome September with our national #SpringDay. Since the windy month is geared up and getting your environment ready for planting a brand new garden, it is also a time for you to start reaping the rewards of your perfectly planned winter meets spring flower garden.


As each day goes by, get ready to see the yard get brighter, your home get happier and your energy becomes more revitalized in the spring season. You may want to start clearing the yard and get rid of mulch and dirt.  


While some people embrace the warmth and the change it brings, many people suffer from allergies during this time, so stay tuned to our blog next week – we might give you some home remedies for this! Now that you’re all geared up and excited to get your botanical garden going, here are a few tips to help you achieve your goal:

  • Make sure your soil is fertile. Healthy soil helps the growth process. Visit your closest nursery to assist you with your soils PH balance.

  • Compost and Bone Meal are good to add to your soil to grow healthier plants and flowers.

  • With water being an issue in South Africa, be wise with regard to the way you utilize it. Some complexes have already started using grey water systems which helps their garden by recycling used water but unfortunately not everyone has this advantage. Invest in some eco-friendly systems which will help you maintain your garden without having a high water bill each month.

  • Do your research on plants that are able to grow in any location and be weary if the plants you are growing should be in direct sunlight or not. Sometimes direct sunlight may harm the plant/flower.

  • Growing plants from seeds is the cheapest way to start your garden.

  1. Follow instructions on seed packets

  2. Soil should never be dry after sowing seeds, maintain the moisture.

  3. Once germination is complete and leaves show you can give it less water and attention

  • Trim dead ended or dying plants and nurse it back to health. You could use water-soluble fertiliser.

  • Water your lawn regularly.

  • Bright coloured flowers adds character to your garden which gives off a more positive appeal.

  • When shopping for plants, choose those with healthy green leaves.

  • Get rid of all weeds in and around the garden.

Did you know that some plants bloom much more when they are picked? So start adding some of nature’s designs to your personal spaces, flowers such as Iceland Poppies and Sweet Peas will definitely do the trick.   #AskEtchells Make this spring a beautiful one. Happy Gardening :)