Plants that have a positive effect on you and your home environment

Life has become quite stressful. We all need a home that is a haven to relax and de-stress.  One of the best ways to create a positive and serene ambiance in your home is by adding a few useful plants. It's an easy and cost effective way of making it the place you can't wait to get to after a long and stressful day.  Having a few simple plants around the house can greatly benefit your psychological and physical health.  


This idea is supported by PHD Jonathan S.Kaplan who theorizes that even the mere presence of a plant can have good benefits.


These are some of the plants that we thought could be beneficial for you:


ALOE (Aloe Vera) Aloe Vera is incredible for promoting positive harmony in your home. Regarded by Feng Shui enthusiasts and health experts to be a great source of positive energy and is medicinally useful too. The stalk’s gel can be a great soothing substance promoting the regeneration of skin cells.  Aloe Vera can grow under natural or artificial light.    




LILLY (Lilium ) This plant promotes a healthy flow of calm energy around the home, boosting confidence and promoting spirituality and serenity. It also serves a practical purpose by removing the mold from the air and reducing the level of cancer causing formaldehyde. Flourishes well in dark places and should be kept in a shaded area of your bedroom to promote better sleep.    



LAVENDER (Lavandula Vera) Lavender exudes a soothing and intoxicating smell that instantly relaxes you and relieves tension. The plant is known to promote better circulation and improve sleep it also acts as a disinfectant. Consider using this plant as tea to relieve stress as the oils have been proven to alleviate insomnia and aid depression.    




BASIL (Ocymum Basilium) Basil is a antibacterial, antiseptic and an antidepressant. This plant is known to promote circulation of passion and love around the home. In addition to the perfect garnish for any dish, it’s known to get rid of mosquitoes – place in any hot, humid, bug-filled areas!        





MONEY PLANT  (Epipremnum Aureum) The plant’s name in itself promotes happiness. But it’s not just wealth it is rumored to promote, it is said to be a good plant for avoiding anxiety. It is also known for boosting oxygen levels in the home, promoting good circulation and better health.