Home Decor Trends for 2017

Top 3 Home Decor Trends for 2017:

Unsurprisingly natural, organic elements in the home continue to make a statement in 2017. There is a notable shift worldwide towards greener living, and this movement has influenced some of the most recognisable home decor styles in SA, whilst still incorporating South Africa’s rich cultural diversity and love of our land. Rich, earthy tones and cool, clay neutrals are a predominant feature in homes embracing this trend.


The warm palette is further enhanced by a variety of textured accessories and materials that appear hand-crafted and designed. The addition of unique, and often quirky, woven or knitted rugs and cushions offset the clean lines and modernity of contemporary furniture; emphasising homeliness and comfort.


A simple pot plant in a vibrant vase enlivens raw, natural-wood furniture or shelving when set atop it. Botanicals have the ability to totally transform a living area! Organic elements - such as stone, wood and leather - add a sense of warmth, depth and indulgence against a more neutral backdrop. Although seemingly opposite, the natural and the industrial/urban styles work surprisingly well together – embracing both the love of the city and the love of the wild.  


Metallic accessories in every shape, form and colour are another timeless trend that continues on into 2017. Whether it’s brushed, gilded, high-gloss or satin; gold, bronze, copper or silver - incorporating metallic finishes into any space is an essential design element.


Metallic finishes are versatile in that they’re not solely used to embody either modern or vintage styles. In fact, experts are seeing a combination of both contemporary and classic in many state-of-the-art homes working simultaneously and seamlessly.   Simple, high-gloss accessories and reflective, silver frames are small, cost-effective additions to shelves or side tables that make a world of difference.


Likewise, metallic lamp stands and elaborate light fittings function as features or simply a supporting element. Large feature mirrors with ornate, brushed-gold frames give a sense of opulence whilst simultaneously creating the illusion of space.  


Lastly, minimalism continues to gain popularity in 2017, with a slight change in perspective. Homes adopting this style are including less so that there is more available to spend. In other words, fewer pieces are selected and displayed for their quality, craftsmanship and sentimental value. Furniture and accessories are placed sparingly, so that full attention and admiration are given. And although clean lines and clear surfaces are a priority, this shift in purpose values quality over quantity.  


"Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic." Antoni Gaudi