When it comes to saving electricity at home, every bit helps. It may seem like a drop in the ocean at first, but all the small bits you save in and around your home add up. By making a few simple changes to the way you use electricity, you can cut down your electricity bill by up to 10%. Whats more, if you invest in energy-saving devices, you can save 30% or more simply by putting an end to electricity wastage.

  • Hot plates retain heat, so turn off the stove before you have finished cooking. It won’t affect your food, only your electricity bill.

  • Install a Heat Pump, which can potentially cut your water heating costs by up to 67% compared to a regular geyser.

  • For every hour you use your tumble dryer, you could have cooked 48 meals in your microwave, more than a month’s worth of dinners.

  • Switch off lights, unplug appliances, turn the geyser to 60°C and use hot water sparingly. Rather iron with a thermostat controlled iron and iron large batches of clothes in 1 go: the average iron uses the same amount of electricity as ten 100 watt light bulbs. Appliances on standby can use up to 50% of the power that they normally operate at. Switch off appliances at the power button & you’ll save money immediately.

  • Check the seal on your fridge. A damaged seal can make your fridge consume more electricity due to the cold air escaping.

  • The average kettle operates at ±1900 watts. The more water you boil the more electricity you use. Only boil the water you need at that moment.

  • Energy efficient lighting options are readily available today. LED and CFL light bulbs consume much less electricity than conventional incandescent light bulbs & last 6 to 8 times longer.