A new year is like hitting the refresh button. Starting a new year with last years’ clutter can definitely stunt your growth and reaching for your goals. To keep with the spirit of achieving set goals and mastering your chosen art, let us look at exactly how clutter happens; how it can affect your life and how to remedy it. 


How does clutter happen

According to Mikael Cho, the co-founder of ooomf, by simply touching a physical object one can instantly become emotionally attached. There are a number of reasons as to why we accumulate so much clutter. Firstly, you may think that you will use the object at a later stage or you might hold on to it because of sentimental value. It could also be that you spent a lot of money on the object and therefore feel a sense of responsibility.


How can clutter affect your life?

A cluttered home is a physical and mental drain which can leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic. Too much stuff can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. As a result, one can feel hopeless about accomplishing anything.


Believe it or not, clutter can affect your finances negatively. Research shows that those people who thrive in life have a tendency of letting go of things much easier. If you want to lose weight perhaps start with decluttering your home. According to studies people who have a lot of clutter are often overweight and tend to use clutter and the extra padding as self-protection. Clutter could also make you feel out of control of your life. -


How to remedy this bad habit

Set up boundaries! For example, limit the amount of books you bought and haven’t read to three. Once you have read those books, you can go on and buy three more. Have a shoe issue? For every pair that you buy, give one away. Limit how much you keep by using smaller storage spaces. Review what is in your closet every three to six months. If you find something you have not worn for longer than six months (and it is not because of seasonal change) then give it away. Old family and friend’s photos can be scanned and stored away on your computer. Remember that things are just that, things. It is the memories that give us a full life not a collection of stuff.