Are you ready to Spring Clean your home?

Let’s be honest, the moment spring arrives we all feel a weight lifted off our shoulders. Winter has gone, the warmth is here, trees and flowers are blooming, you feel new, ready to workout, ready to explore new possibilities, ready to be a brand new you… but your home?... that’s what we’re here to help you with.  


Embrace the change by Spring Cleaning your home – without spending much money! Biggest tip of this article, use this as an opportunity to bond with your family at home, or your friends if they don’t mind lending a hand. Turn up your favourite music, maybe pour a glass of wine and #workit   Always be sure to have these essentials ready as you embark on your Spring Clean Journey:

  • A Broom

  • A mop and a bucket

  • Dustbin bags

  • Window Lean

  • Newspaper

  • Dust cloth

  • Rake

  • Handy Andy, or Pine Gel (It smells amazing)

  • Furniture Polish

  • Sanitary gloves – if things get nasty!

  • Good Music

Now that you have your check list on board. Where do we begin? It’s always best to start in the main bedroom, it’s where you spend most of your time, apart from the kitchen and the lounge.


Start from the corner of any room and work your way throughout the house. Wipe away dust, throw away papers and stuff you may no longer need – I bet you probably have a bit of anxiety thinking this is too much right?   Why not CREATE A SCHEDULE? Outline the parts of the home that needs most cleaning!

  • Put a plan together and #workit

  • A schedule for each room helps you identify the main cleaning aspects per room, making it easier to follow through with.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, clearing out the spaces in your home allows new and positive energy to enter. So let’s get ready to de-clutter! Eliminate all the unnecessary – if you haven’t used it in the past 3 months then you don’t need it? Right?!  


It’s senseless to have a clean home but dirty windows and walls don’t you think? Whip out that window lean and newspaper, wipe the windows and the walls! The pine gel could be added to water to clean the walls too and to mop up. Trust us, you are going to love the fresh smell it leaves behind – if spring had a smell it would be that.   Remember to wipe up and air out:

  • Cabinets

  • Fridge and fridge shelves - throw old stuff away

  • Microwave, inside and outside

  • Stove – bicarbonate of soda mixed with pine gel and water, leave it to soak and then wipe away

  • Washing Machine – inside and out.

  • Mattresses – take off the blankets and let it soak in some sun through a window in the room

Time for bathrooms? Don’t worry – you got this. Use Pine gel for a better aroma and remember to change the shower curtain or wipe the glass door down. Most people worry that cleaning so much will allow dust to settle on their tiles or carpet so be sure to invest in a vacuum or some domestos.


We wish you a happy cleaning! #AskEtchells Once your spring cleaning has been done, why not tackle your wardrobe? Clear out what you no longer need or wear and give to charity.