Landlord and tenant obligations

The Tenant has the right not to have:

Their person or home searched.
Their property searched.
Their possessions seized (except in terms of the law with a court order).
The privacy of their communications infringed upon.

The tenant's obligations in terms of maintenance and repairs

The tenant has the responsibility to dispose of garbage and waste in a safe and clean manner (per municipal services and containers/bins provided). To maintain the property in a clean, tidy and safe state, and to use all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and other facilities and appliances in a reasonable manner.

The tenant must refrain from intentionally or negligently damaging the property or common property (intentional and negligent damage is for the tenant’s account).

Maintain, replace or repair electrical globes, fittings and switches as well as being liable for all water-borne taps, stoves, locks, handles and windows. Maintain and keep the garden neat and tidy (if applicable). Maintain the swimming pool, including pumps, hoses and accessories, subject to fair wear and tear (if applicable).

The Landlord’s rights

Landlord's obligations
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