Successfully placing well screened tenants, selling property and managing over 1200 properties for 16+ years.

  • We have been successfully placing 1500 well screened, good quality tenants annually for 14 years.
  • Our Rental Agents are highly knowledgable in their fields and focus on giving exceptional service to their clients.
  • We have a team of portfolio managers who collectively have 118 years of property management experience.
  • Our results-based digital marketing enables us to find the right tenant much faster and positions us well ahead of other traditional rental agents.
Rental services
  • We work with an ongoing buyers list from our large rental book, this combined with our aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns allow us to promote your property to existing, qualified buyers.
  • We have a highly skilled and motivated sales team under a qualified sales manager. Our sales agents are committed to getting the best price in the shortest time possible for your property.
  • We have an in house legal and compliance advisor and we are partnered with a highly qualified conveyancing attorney.
Sales services

Water, electricity, rates and levies (in respect of sectional title property) are all costs that need to be included in your budget. It is wise to know exactly what your monthly payments including all the extra costs will amount to.

Doing this before you make a decision on a property that you may already have your heart set on, may save you from making a potentially financially crippling commitment. Also take into account possible increases in interest rates and utilities and make provision for this in your budget.

Once off costs:

  • Deposit (will not always be necessary)
  • Bond costs, Transfer costs, initiation costs
  • Municipal rates & taxes deposit

Regular monthly costs:

  • Repayment of home loan
  • Insurance on the property
  • Monthly levies in respect of sectional title property
  • Rates and Taxes

Interest Rates

Variable rate:

The most conventional interest rate, the variable rate applies to most home loans. It is linked to the base home loan rate and is subject to fluctuations of this rate.

Fixed rate:

The fixed rate is the rate contracted between you and the bank for a predetermined term. The fixed rate will appeal to those who wish to fix their home loan repayments without the influence of the mortgage bond rate.

An offer to purchase is an agreement that stipulates the terms and conditions of the property transaction. Everything that is agreed upon must be listed in the offer. This should cover things such as; date of occupation; occupational rent; fixtures and fittings and conditions of sale.

The offer can be subject to many conditions stipulated by either the seller or the purchaser.

These conditions mean that the sale cannot proceed unless they have been fullfilled. Most common conditions of a sale can include "This sale is subject to bond approval" and "This sale is subject to the sale of the buyers property" .

More examples of possible conditions of sale:

  • An inspection of the property by professionals
  • A roof leak to be fixed
  • The forming of a trust or company
  • Carpets to be replaced