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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions By Landlords

What happens if the tenant does not pay and refuses to vacate?

The rentals that we don’t manage have a higher % of this scenario.  This very seldom happens in our business for the properties that we manage, but if this does happen, legal action will need to be taken and an eviction order brought against the tenant.

We send final demands and a notice to vacate.  We continuously communicate with the tenant in this regard and keep the owner informed of the situation.  If this fails, the owner ultimately needs to make the decision to take further legal action.  We work with rental specialist attorneys who offer Etchells & Young clients a reduced rate, if legal action is required.

Can the lease be immediately cancelled if the tenant does not pay the rent?
Why must I pay for the maintenance?
What does Rental Management mean?
Why should I let Etchells & Young manage my property?

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