Why Use An Etchells & Young Estate Agent To Sell Your Property?

Our established estate agents have access to an extensive buyers list from our large investor and tenant rental book. This database is active and growing, and instantly connects our agents to a large number of potentially interested buyers.


Our agents have developed personal working relationships with many well-known and trusted mortgage originators, brokers and conveyancers, as well as investors, developers, home inspectors, credit bureaus and other business professionals. These industry connections are invaluable when a timeous property sale at the highest possible price is the seller’s main concern.


Etchells & Young take an aggressive stance in their marketing and advertising, covering a variety of mediums and reaching a broad audience.

For example; eflyers, online brochures, google advertising, social media advertising, youtube advertising, HD Videos and virtual walk throughs. As well as utilising leading property websites like Private Property & Property24 to advertise our wide range of quality properties.


Our Marketing Department is conscientious and up-to-date with industry trends and changes, continually investigating and implementing the most effective advertising tools available.


In connection with this our agents promptly respond to enquiries from our various advertising platforms, co-ordinate viewing appointments and schedule show days. A welcome relief to busy sellers!


Using a reputable estate agent with professional sales training and experience to sell your property is crucial!

Etchells & Young have a strong team of highly-qualified individuals who are equipped to get the best sales price in the shortest amount of time. Our agents have an in-depth knowledge on the sales agreement and transaction process, acting as an objective mediator between the seller and buyer to facilitate a smooth sales transaction from start to finish.


Our successful sales agents possess a combination of powerful negotiation skills, strong interpersonal abilities and an in-depth knowledge of the sales process.

Etchells & Young strive to send out agents who are dependable, punctual, consistent, organised, and professional. Industry experience and market knowledge are essential to our high service standard!


Etchells & Young adheres to a strict code of ethics set out by the EAAB, which governs certain duties performed by the agents in order to protect the client. Registered estate agents commit to a reasonable standard of conduct and skill. Failure to comply with these regulations causes serious reputational damage for both the agent and agency, weakening future referral business, and can result in legal action should the noncompliance continue.  Our agents are committed to giving continuous, personalised, professional service!


Regular, accurate feedback throughout the sales process - from viewing to registration - is a necessity.

The agent is the primary point of contact between buyers and sellers. Prospective buyers are more likely to give honest feedback to the agent, which is then objectively relayed to the seller - along with the agent’s opinion and advice on positive and negative features, the selling price, required repairs and potential renovations. It should be noted that the agent facilitates repairs, renovations and maintenance to the property between the buyer and seller and makes certain the necessary addendums to the sales agreement are included.  A good sales agent facilitates a smooth buyer-seller relationship!


The sales agent, along with the conveyancing attorney, ensure that all required contracts, reports, documentation and certificates are accurate, valid and in order from the signing of the sales agreement through to receipt of the clearance certificate and transfer duty. This ensures unnecessary delays are avoided. Each step is overseen by both the agent and conveyancer, and regular updates, explanations and assistance given in understanding and completing the documents.


The Etchells & Young sales agents know and understand the dynamics related to rental value, rental and sales demand, realistic market value, condition, sectional title vs freehold and how to successfully execute a sale. It’s no wonder clients naturally turn to us! Our ongoing exposure to sectional title property has elevated Etchells & Young as an industry leader in the greater Randburg and Sandton; however our sales team has expanded and grown to include agents that can successfully handle all property types. Our aim is to maximise your return on investment!

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