Top 5 Turn-Offs For Potential Buyers

“When is the right time to sell my house?” “How long will it take to sell my place?” “Will someone be interested in buying my place?” These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when wanting to sell your house. And regardless of whether we’re in a sellers market at the time or not, there are still turnoffs that you need to be aware of before showing off your house to potential new buyers:



Moms have a saying about the floor being clean enough to eat off. This should be the case when you are selling your home. Presenting it to potential new buyers with dirty floors, stain marks on carpets, dust everywhere, dishes in the sink, beds not made and baths with dirty rings around them can leave a negative impression. Make sure to do a light clean and tidy up before every show day. It might seem like a hassle, but in the end your new buyer could walk through the doors and you want them to fall in love with the house, not run in fear from the dead cockroaches lying on the floor or having just walked through a spider’s web.


Pets and their business

Having pets is always a welcome edition to anybody’s home and family, but when you leave your kitties litter box next to the fridge with a little surprise inside it for all to see, this is a “no no”. Same goes for cat or dog food bowls with mess all around it on the floor. Keep your pets feeding and toilet areas as clean as possible. Please do also pick up any slobbery chew toys lying around the house. The best advice would be to take your pets with you if possible during a show day so the house can stay clean.


Smelly odors

The smell of last night’s curry, the stinky gym towel and clothes, the pooch that hasn't had a bath in a while or the lingering stench of a cigarette can all culminate in pretty nasty smelling odours in yours house. Don’t try hiding the odours with fragrance and incense burning everywhere, this could actually make it worse. Rather open up the windows and get some fresh air circulating through the house instead.


Bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and especially toilets speak volumes of a person’s cleanliness, and can really make a lasting impression on someone. So please make sure to de-clutter your bathroom of all your lotions and potions, that all your reading material is neatly packed (or hidden) away and the space and storage options for prospective buyers are visible. But most importantly, MAKE SURE IT’S CLEAN!


Outside living areas

Having a garden always proves a big selling point for some people, especially when they have a family and pets that will be moving in with them. So if you have a garden, patio or other outdoor living area, keep this looking in tip top shape. Rid the garden of weeds, mow the lawn, plant some colourful flowers and make it look more attractive.


*Note: as part of your outdoor area, make sure that regardless of how cute your knickers may be, don’t leave them hanging on the line for all to see. This proves quite embarrassing and awkward for not only you but also the prospective buyers looking at them.


Making a few improvements to your house when you are ready to sell it, could make all the difference in it not staying on the market for too long, getting the price you want for it, and not leaving you frustrated or irritated when you have no offers coming in at all.


And remember, sprucing it up doesn’t mean going out and spending a fortune. Sometimes a bit of a clean, a splash of paint, new carpets or flooring, or even just some fresh flowers on display in your house can make all the difference.


Keep this check list in mind, and you’ll be on the right track to selling your house in no time!

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