Why We Consider Ourselves The Rental Management Professionals

Rental Management has been the cornerstone of our business for over 10 years. Etchells & Young made the decision from the very beginning to conduct the business efficiently and compliantly, which resulted in many developers choosing to use us to rent, manage and sell their development blocks. Our focus on effective systems and procedures and the compliance we practice has established us as an industry leader and the developer’s first choice when it comes to Rental Management.


Etchells & Young credit the success of their Rental Management service to a dedicated staff compliment of three established Portfolio Managers, with a collective total of 45 years experience in the rental management field; a Maintenance department of three co-ordinators who expertly run a team of independent contractors, ensuring they operate in line with our code of honour and value system; and a Finance division entrusted with handling and protecting both the landlord and tenant’s money.


Last but not least, our dedicated staff and agents are highly-trained professionals who are well-equipped to extensively market the property, screen applicants and qualify new tenants. We are committed to giving our owners consistent, superior service in all aspects of the Rental Management process; including correspondence with the tenant, monthly invoicing and statements, rental and utilities collection and payment; as well as full administration of maintenance queries and repairs, access to reliable contractors, payment, the exit inspection snag list process and a 24-hour emergency maintenance number.

  • Our high standard of service and commitment to our code of honour has been the reason a massive amount of our owners choose to remain with us and use us year after year.

  • Our recurring business with existing owners on our Rental Management book constitutes 83% on average of our monthly rental deals.

  • We have retained a consistently low arrears rate over the last 10 years; 2.3% in contrast to the country average of 12%.

  • Etchells & Young provide expert property services in residential Rentals, Rental Management and Sales.

Why Choose us to Manage Your Property?

  • Apply strict screening criteria to ensure quality tenants who will respect the owners’ property.

  • Advertise your property aggressively which will give you the “advantage of choice” 

  • Stay abreast of new legislation to fully understand the owners’ rights and obligations.

  • Compliant lease agreement that will protect the owners’ rights. 

  • Team of experienced portfolio managers’ who run a professional management system. 

  • Experienced maintenance department to co-ordinate and manage authorized repairs and maintenance.

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