Cost Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

The stress of being blown away by the winter electricity bill can cause some anxiety on any family especially since it’s that time of the year where everyone takes out their heaters and leave it on the whole day.  Here are a few tips to keep your home warm this winter:

  • As curtains act as an insulation and keeps warmth in your room, make sure to use thick curtains during the winter season and take advantage of the free sun-light during the day by allowing the sunlight to come into your home.

  • Try to have objects such as metal, or cotton pieces which absorb the sun. Ever left your car outside on a summer day and jumped back in 2 hours later? – the inside becomes hotter than outside by absorbing and maintaining the heat. But be weary of how you arrange your furniture during this time and do not block the heat from flowing through to the rest of your home.

  • Insulate your floor using warm rugs/carpets, don’t let the cold radiate up from under the floor!

  • Snuggle your pets for some warmth, we all know how our pets love to be cuddled and pampered.

  • Hot water bottles may seem outdated but bring back the old and keep your hot water bottle nearby.

  • Close any unoccupied room doors so that the heat can stay in the main areas for warmth.

  • Hang your washing up inside, even if it is not raining. – This will pick up the humidity level in the house and raise the temperature significantly.

  • It may sound obvious but do not choose fashion over warmth. Rather dress appropriately.

  • If you decide to re-decorate and re-colour your home, consider applying energy-saving paint to your walls which reflects body heat back to you for comfort and is energy saving during the winter season and in the summer. Its low-emissivity (similar to low-e glass) reduces the radiant heat from hot, sun-drenched walls to make you feel more comfortable indoors – it’s a win-win for both seasons!

  • Sometimes it’s quite easy to convince yourself that you’re warm through the use of colour and texture so be sure to add lots of bright red and orange in the home with a lot of fluffy knitted fabrics.

  • If you want some romantic relaxation for you and your partner consider using candles around the house in a safe manner. The candle lights trick your brain into feeling warmer as it adds a cosy and comfortable feeling – unfortunately this may give off the “baby making weather vibe” so don’t hold us accountable.

  • Bond with your friends and family. One of the biggest electricity thieves during winter is our TV Screens, so why not minimize the screen time by adding in some exciting board games, family discussions and even some exercise to keep you entertained during the crazy winter weather.

Always remember: If you’re going to use any other heating devices, make sure to choose the most energy efficient option which benefits you in the longer run. Now that we have you covered, enjoy the cold and make the most of the weather as summer is about to be a heated one. #AskEtchells

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