Sellers Responsibilities During the Sale of Property

The seller of the property has certain responsibilites during the sales process to ensure a successful sale. 

What The Seller of a Property is Responsible For:

Receiving Offers
Once there is an interested buyer a written Offer to Purchase will be prepared by your Sales Agent. The price on the offers will generally differ to that of your selling price. You are under no obligation to sign any one offer but it is advised to be realistic in terms of the market related value of your property.

The agent must explain the offer to you to ensure that you are aware of and understand all the terms and conditions of the offer. Once an offer has been accepted and signed by you, all parties are legally obligated to follow through with the transaction unless there were any conditions of sale that were not fulfilled in the stipulated time period as per the offer.
Rates and Clearance
Bond cancellation process
Sellers responsibilities
Factors that delay registration

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