Buying Property as a Foreigner in South Africa

Property can be owned individually, jointly or by entities such as a companies, close corporations, trusts or similar entities registered outside South Africa. However, buying property in any foreign country can be complicated and not without legal implications.

What You Need To Know as a Foreigner Buying Property in SA:

Form of ownership
There are different types of land ownership in South Africa, the most common of them being:

The buyer purchases a freestanding property and takes ownership of the land and the buildings attached to it. The buyer receives a separate title deed to the property and is solely responsible for all maintenance and servicing to the property. 

Sectional Title
A purchaser buys a unit (section) in a complex or apartment building. He gets a title deed for his section whereby he owns the section as well as an undivided proportionate share of the communal property. He contributes to shared expenses on a pro-rate basis and is governed by a set of management and house rules.
Tax implications as a Non-Resident
Financing the property
Once the loan is granted
Legal capacity
Repatriation of funds
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