Waking up Moody…

Do you ever wake up feeling moody or miserable?

Ever have those mornings where you wake up in a bad mood? – the kinda moody mood that has you feeling extra bad? To some people this only happens once in a while, a weekly or monthly basis, but some wake up moody and miserable almost every morning.

Have you ever considered the reasons behind why you might be waking up feeling irritated? Did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?…. Not likely, there are actually a few factors that could be the source of your misery.


  • YOUR MATTRESS AND PILLOW: Your mattress and pillow/s could be causing you to sleep inappropriately which really affects your mood. Having a pillow too full, a mattress too bumpy, or even just sleeping on your side causes too much pressure on certain parts of your body which adds to waking up achy or moody. You should turn your mattress regularly, and if possible invest in an orthopedic mattress or even a decent orthopedic pillow could make the world of difference for your quality of sleep.


  • LACK OF EXERCISE:  Studies indicate that working out helps your body to release happy hormones.  Even just a few minutes of physical activity everyday will get your heart rate up, assisting in the expansion of energy which will automatically make you feel sleepier when it is bed time 🙂 If you’ve never had the motivation before then “better sleep” may just be the kick starter!


  • SKIPPING BREAKFAST: This definitely plays an imperative role in your mood, not only can it lead you to being “HANGRY” but you also trick your body’s metabolism into slowing down. Make sure you have breakfast before you leave home, this will give you the energy you need for the day and your work out 😉


  • GENES: As sad as it is, it could just be genetic. Current research has found that a small percentage of the population have a genetic mutation that shows a link between mood and circadian clock sleep cycles. People with this genetic variant are more likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder too. For more information on this check out: http://www.pnas.org/content/113/11/E1536


  • ALCOHOL: Ahhhh alcohol….Most of us love a glass of wine or beer (or whatever your poison) after a long hard day.  Although alcohol can make you drowsy and ready for bed, it takes away your ability to fall into a deep sleep and get good nights rest which your body needs to recover.


Now that we’ve given you insight to waking up brighter and more cheerful, take some of your sunshine and go make someone’s day 🙂 Stay healthy and stay fresh.