Sales Services

As Your Sole and Exclusive Agent we agree to:

  • View your property and do a comparative market analysis
  • Take photographs and prepare an effective marketing strategy
  • Guide you through the process and prepare your property for the market
  • Promote your property through our intensive marketing and advertising campaigns, using all available resources
  • Facilitate a show house campaign
  • Co-ordinate viewings of your property by appointment
  • Provide you with regular feedback reports
  • Assist with the services of affiliated mortgage originators and conveyencers
  • Keep you updated with the transfer process
  • Facilitate the key handover


List competitively and be rewarded with the Result you Want, A SALE!

By overpricing your property it reduces the advertising response, attracts the wrong buyers, and can lose genuine purchasers. It also helps sell your competition, eliminates offers and extends the time your property is on the market. Unfortunately a property that is on the market too long sends out a signal that “something must be wrong with it”.

What is the Market Value?

Market value is the respective price your property is worth relative to surrounding properties and subsequent factors i.e. Area, amenities etc. Having an accurate assessment of your property will help you make the best decision for you and your investment.

Price your Property to Sell

In reaching a decision to buy, purchasers will be comparing your property with other similar properties and it is therefore vital that your asking price is competitive.

The Dangers of Overpricing

  • Agents will be reluctant to introduce prospective buyers to houses that have attracted the “overpriced stigma”
  • Overpricing conveys an impression of “poor value for money” when compared with other homes priced correctly in that price bracket.
  • Buyers’ decisions are made by comparison

The Advantages of Pricing your Property Correctly

  • Impression of Good value is created
  • Maximum exposure during initial marketing time
  • Stimulates Real Buyer interest
  • Attracts higher offers
  • Attracts higher offers

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