Property Rentals, Management, Sales

Etchells & Young Rental Services

  • View the Property
  • Advertise for Tenants
  • Arrange viewing of the property with prospective Tenants
  • Do TPN, ITC checks
  • Do other credit checks (employer, previous landlord, ect)
  • Arrange a meeting for the signing of the lease agreement
  • Collect the deposit and first months rental
  • Arrange copies of lease agreement for the tenant and owner
  • Do key handover

Etchells & Young Rental Management Services

  • Managing the lease agreement
  • Liasing with the Body Corporate & Managing Agents
  • Handle all correspondence between the owner & the  tenant
  • Invoice Tenant monthly for rental & utilities
  • Send a detailed statement to the owner on a monthly basis
  • Collect monthly rental from the Tenant
  • Contact with defaulting tenants until payment has been made
  •  Feedback to the owner in the case of a defaulting tenant
  • Payment of water & electricity on the owners behalf
  • Payment of authorised maintenance or repair expenses on the owners behalf
  • Payment of levies on the owners behalf
  • Full administration of repairs & maintenance
  • Monitor property on request from Owner

Etchells & Young Sales Services

  • Viewing the property, doing a comparative market analysis
  • Taking photographs, and doing a snag report on the property
  • Listing the property on leading websites and widespread media advertising
  • Planning a marketing campaign and designing marketing material
  • Arranging show days and viewings with prospective buyers
  • Communicating to the owner and interested buyers on a regular basis
  • Arranging finance for the buyer
  • Instructing the attorneys
  • Tracking the sales process until transfer takes place
  • Facilitate key handover