Rental Management

We eliminate the Landlord’s biggest concerns by efficiently Managing and Maintaining your
Investment Property, enforcing timeous rental payment and dealing with all tenant queries.

A Professional rental agent will :

  • Apply strict screening criteria to ensure quality tenants who will respect the owners’ property and adhere to Estate and Conduct rules
  • Have the resources to advertise your property aggressively which will give you the “advantage of choice” choosing the best tenant from many applicants.
    Stay abreast of new legislation in SA to fully understand the owners’ rights and obligations in terms of the Rental Housing Act.
  • Have well trained agents and established rental systems and procedures to prevent any unnecessary legal risks.
  • Have a lease agreement that will protect the clients’ rights in full, and has been used for thousands of rental placements successfully.
  • Have a team of portfolio managers who run a professional Property Management System to invoice the tenant for monthly rental and utilities, do payment of utilities and levies, send statements to the owners, and follow up on defaulting tenants.
  • Have a 24 hour maintenance division to do the management, administration, coordination and payment of authorized repairs and maintenance on behalf of the owner.

A Professional Rental Management Agent should offer the following services:

Tenant Placement Services

  • Establishment of an on-site rentals team.
  • Sourcing of tenants via an appropriate advertising campaign.
  • Showing the available units.
  • Administering tenant applications.
  • Screening prospective tenants.
  • Signing lease agreements with successful applicants.
  • Collection of deposit and 1st month’s rent from tenant and holding the deposit in a Trust Account.
  • Conducting an inspection of the unit with the tenant, drawing up a ‘snag list’ and key handover to the tenant.
  • On-going communication with the owner.
  • Signing of renewal agreement with the tenant (if applicable)
  • All related administration.

Rental Management Services

  • Management of the Lease Agreement.
    All tenant communication.
  • Liaison with the Body Corporate or Managing Agent.
  • Handling all correspondence on behalf of the owner with the tenant.
  • Invoice the tenant for monthly for rental and utilities.
  • Collection of monthly rental and other fees from the tenant.
  • Payment of water, electricity and levies on behalf of the owner (as applicable).
  • Payment to owner of the balance of the rental and fees collected.
  • Management and follow up of defaulting tenants until payment has been made.
  • Management, administration, coordination and payment of authorised repairs and maintenance on behalf of the owner.
  • Attend to emergency and after hours maintenance issues.
  • Monthly Statements sent to owners for each property managed.
  • Assistance and advice with regards to Legal Processes and Evictions (if necessary).

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