How to Improve Rental Returns in the Current Rental Market

The Rental Market in Gauteng Let’s start off by looking at and understanding the current rental market in Gauteng which, to say the least, is challenging! We have an over-supply of rental property in the market as a result of the many new properties that have been built over the […]

Property Price vs Market Value

Determining your home’s resale value is the first step in the sales process, but it can be a complex task with so many contributing factors. However, in order to set the Property Price, the Market Value of the property will need to first be established.   The Market Value is […]

The High Cost of Tenant Vacancy

Astute property investors know just how valuable a comprehensive investment strategy is to the long-term success of their prospective investment. These buyers factor a number of different costs into their investment calculations before putting pen to paper on a new buy-to-let property to ensure a positive cash flow. These costs […]

Can I Cancel My Offer To Purchase?

Can I cancel my offer to purchase? Offer to purchase = OTP   An offer to purchase (OTP) is a document that is signed by a prospective buyer stipulating the sum of money that he is willing to pay to buy the seller’s property, as well as containing the conditions […]

Property sales stats 2018

Regardless of what life stage you are in currently, property will always play a part. Whether you’re a tenant or homeowner there is always a future possibility of moving into a different category, namely: Buyer Seller Tenant Landlord   Either way Etchells & Young have got you covered. Below are […]