Things you should know when Buying Property

As the saying goes – the early bird catches the worm – and arming yourself with as much information as possible to get the best deal when making one of the biggest investments of your life is, in fact, catching the worm. One can get lost in the utopia of […]

A Tribute to Madiba

The 5th December 2013 has been embedded in every South African’s memory and heart as the day that the father of the country’s democracy departed. Even though it was expected after a long illness, the pain experienced by many was none the less significant. As a nation, we reflected on […]

Don’t get Conned by Contractors

As the year draws to an end many people will be receiving bonuses. Some people may be planning to use their bonuses to carry out long overdue renovations. Success stories of renovations carried out within budget and agreed-on time frames are very few and far between. One of our own […]

Tips on Decorating Rental Apartments

The majority of people at one time or another in their lives will rent an apartment. Affordability is most often at the top of the rental checklist as a potential tenant. Only too often, our tastes and our bank accounts are nemeses and as such we are stuck with places […]

Inside the Mind of First-time & Trade-up Buyers

Recent studies show that first time buyers and trade up buyers enter in to the property market for different reasons. First time buyers are more concerned about affordability and proximity to the workplace. Often first time buyers enter the property market with high debt-to-income ratios with no savings towards deposits […]

First time Buyers and Home Loan Applications

South Africa’s biggest bond originator, ooba say that 2013 is expected to show reasonable growth in the property market, and First Time Buyers should try to bring a healthy deposit to the table. First-time home buyers averaged at 52.7% of bond. The average nominal house price recorded by the oobarometer […]