Top 5 Turn-Offs For Potential Buyers

“When is the right time to sell my house?” “How long will it take to sell my place?” “Will someone be interested in buying my place?” These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when wanting to sell your house. And regardless of whether we’re in a […]

The Unpaid Landlord

A non-paying tenant simply messes things up don’t they? You buy a property, after making a commercial decision as to its viability, yield etc You rely on the monthly rental to gear yourself and to allow you to bask in the glory of the eventual post bond annuity income and […]

Buying vs Renting – who wins?

Some people prefer being called citizens of the world and others like to have roots in one place – to each his own. In light of such, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting a home: Buying   Advantages When you buy a house […]

What does the Credit Amnesty Act mean to you?

On 24 February 2014 the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa announced the Removal of Adverse Consumer Information and Information Relating to Paid Up Judgements regulations. This new “credit amnesty act” came into effect in South Africa on 1 April 2014. This act allows for credit information amnesty […]

Capital Gains Tax and all you need to know

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) does not affect every single property transaction; however it is important that people who are looking to sell their property have an understanding of what it is and the repercussions thereof. Though it was implemented a few decades ago in the global market, it was only […]

Showcase your Home on Showday

When opening your home to strangers for show days, for all intents and purposes you are airing your dirty laundry. Your dirty laundry does not necessarily suggest that your house should actually be dirty. It is impossible to please everyone but there are a few things that you can do […]