#EtchellsCares – Animal Anti Cruelty League

Ever thought about how sad it must be to remain hungry, cold, in pain or want some love and attention but not able to say it to anyone?

These are the lives of our furry friends who are left out on the streets, abused and abandoned. It’s a sad reality for the life of an animal as their lives depend on the work of humanity. Too often we see occurrences of animal abuse or a dog or cat roaming around your neighbourhood looking for some food. Most people love the idea of having a pet at home, something cute, cuddly and entertaining but fail to comply with the upkeep of the reality when they realize how much work, money and effort it takes to raise a healthy loving pet.



A lot of people decide to leave their pets to wonder, dump them somewhere in hope of someone taking care of them or try to kill them – but what gives a person the right to do so?


The folks at the Animal Anti Cruelty League based in Johannesburg south go above and beyond to make a difference in these innocent lives. The AACL has been rescuing, protecting and caring for animals since 1956. It is South Africa’s second largest independent animal welfare organization, relying entirely on the generosity and goodwill of the animal loving public for financial support.

Some of the aspects that the AACL cover:

Provide Shelter for abandoned animals

Promote an efficient adoption programme

Prosecute animal cruelty cases

Run welfare hospitals for lower income groups

Visit underprivileged areas with fully equipped mobile clinics

Regularly address schools and clubs on the challenges on animal welfare

What’s even greater is the fact that there are other Animal Anti Cruelty league branches nationwide such as, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and the farming area of Bredasdorp.


Just when we thought that these amazing souls couldn’t get any better, the AACL try their best to get each one of their adorable friends adopted by the public.


It seems as though we are all always ready to buy a new furry friend from the pet store, but we tend to overlook the thought that there are many other animals who are waiting for love at animal shelters.  The adoption process does not take much time and effort. For more info on adopting a new cuddly buddy please visit: http://www.aacl.co.za/adoption-johannesburg/


Because #EtchellsCares we decided to donate some food to these innocent hearts that the AACL team have rescued and our marketing team had a great time playing with some of the animals. Have a look at the video and what went down: https://www.facebook.com/EtchellsYoung/videos/2177685508911710/


You could make a difference as well, by donating money or food to the good cause: http://www.aacl.co.za/donate/. Your donations could go a long way and take care of an innocent animal.

Remember to make sure that your animals are neutered/spayed so that their offspring does not roam around without any food or shelter. #asketchells. Help us make this world a better place. Report Animal Cruelty:  011 435 0672 TODAY!