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So you are staying, how about actively choosing to contribute positively to a better South Africa and be a part of the solution. One way to do that is to commit and invest in property. Now is a great time to buy property anyway – we are in a buyer’ […]

Are you ready to Spring Clean your home?

Let’s be honest, the moment spring arrives we all feel a weight lifted off our shoulders. Winter has gone, the warmth is here, trees and flowers are blooming, you feel new, ready to workout, ready to explore new possibilities, ready to be a brand new you… but your home?… that’s […]

Why Tenants prefer to Rent Professionally Managed Properties

Just like most property owners have some serious concerns about any new tenant moving into their rental property (will they look after my property, will they pay their rent on time, will I have to incur the costs and pain of eviction if they don’t?); the two biggest issues/fears that […]

Tenant and Landlord relationships

Before we begin to read any further, let us outline 2 basic understanding terms. A landlord is a property owner who grants another party the right to live in their property for a scheduled time. A tenant, is a person or people who have been granted the right to live […]

Who is Responsible for Rental Property Maintenance – Landlord or Tenant?

Who is Responsible for Maintenance in Rental Property – Landlord or Tenant?  By – Harry Meyburgh, Director at Etchells & Young   The issue of maintenance in a rental property is arguably one of the most contentious and one that leads to many disagreements between landlords, tenants and agents, often […]

Purchase A Home While You’re Still Young

Gone are days where you could buy a home in your 20’s. Recent studies have shown that the home buyers in South Africa are no longer purchasing properties in their younger years, but rather at an older, more stable age. Could this be due to property and economic cycles…or are […]