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How to Protect Your Loved ones from COVID19 in your home #AskEtchells

COVID 19 has caused panic, uncertainty and in some cases anxiety among South Africans and the Globe over. We want to contribute in helping ease these feelings by giving advice on sanitizing your home and taking necessary precautions over the next 21 days.   The main idea is to be […]

Property Price vs Market Value

Determining your home’s resale value is the first step in the sales process, but it can be a complex task with so many contributing factors. However, in order to set the Property Price, the Market Value of the property will need to first be established.   The Market Value is […]

The High Cost of Tenant Vacancy

Astute property investors know just how valuable a comprehensive investment strategy is to the long-term success of their prospective investment. These buyers factor a number of different costs into their investment calculations before putting pen to paper on a new buy-to-let property to ensure a positive cash flow. These costs […]

Approved bonds for first-timers

“Several South African banks confirm that there is no minimum income to qualify for a bond. Banks use your income to determine the size of the bond that you do qualify for. The general rule is that banks will offer you a bond equivalent to the repayment of (33%) of […]

What Determines whether VAT or Transfer Duty is Payable?

Transfer Duty or VAT, whichever is applicable, is payable on transfer of fixed property in South Africa and is calculated on the purchase price of the property. A transaction cannot be subject to both VAT and Transfer Duty; it is either one or the other. However, VAT always takes preference. […]

The ‘No-Pets’ Policy

Understandably the ‘no pets’ policy is a sensitive and sometimes contentious issue between landlords and tenants; especially since the majority of pet owners consider them to be a part of the family. Disputes arise when landlords will not allow pets on their property regardless of how well-behaved or well-trained the […]