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Cataholics Kitty Shelter with #EtchellsCares

  #EtchellsCares are at it again and this time we donated some kitty food, treats and blankets to Cataholics Kitty Shelter A little bit about them: Merien Smidt, founder of Kitty Shelter, recognised an on-going need for an animal welfare organisation that focused on the health of the animals.  Merien has dedicated […]

Miracle Mission Children’s Home

Our #EtchellsCares drive for the month of May was dedicated to Miracle Mission Children’s Home based in Randburg.  Miracle Mission was started in 1999. Their main purpose and function is to provide a home for children in distress. This includes children that have been abandoned, children that have been abused and neglected and children […]

#EtchellsCares with Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC) SA

#EtchellsCares (All the staff and agents at Etchells & Young)  filled up the donations box in the month of September in support of childhood cancer awareness month.  We decided to bring all the donations to the young boys and girls diagnosed with cancer at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital in Soweto, […]

Human Trafficking in South Africa #HopeRisenFoundation

“Human Trafficking is not a crime that calls out ‘Here I am’. It will often not be seen if it is not looked for” – A tangled Web (MMA Report – Hope Risen Foundation)   #EtchellsCares decided that the Hope Risen foundation would be the focus of our August charity […]

#EtchellsCares – Animal Anti Cruelty League

Ever thought about how sad it must be to remain hungry, cold, in pain or want some love and attention but not able to say it to anyone? These are the lives of our furry friends who are left out on the streets, abused and abandoned. It’s a sad reality […]