10 affordable gifts to get for your loved ones this festive season

The festive season is upon us and we know how frustrating it can be to find pretty cool yet affordable gifts for the people you love. So #EtchellsCares decided to help you out with a few affordable gifts under R250 for this December.


A love letter with some chocolates.

Don’t worry, Love Letters aren’t only for your partners. Make use of them to the people who mean most to you by telling them how grateful you are for their presence in your life. This sentimental gift is one of the best way’s to get a smile on someone’s face.  Add a box of Ferrero’s and you’re good to go.



For those wine lovers, there’s nothing more comforting then a glass of  wine. Especially those chilled out nights, either with some good food or even for some good company it’s the most convenient drink to have by your side. Red wine can be quite healthy too… wink wink.


 A Board Game

What better way to have the family sit side by side and have some innocent fun! Be it scrabble, 30 seconds or even one dedicated to Harry Potter. Game night can come in handy when you’re looking for convenient and cost effective plans.


A book

Books like the Law of Attraction, Ask and you will receive, Fancy recipes for those who love to stay in the kitchen or even a book for personal growth would do the trick. Everyone is always ready for a little self-growth, or maybe even some motivation. Be it food, spiritual or even scientific, there is something for everyone!


Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker

Let’s be honest, we all know someone who loves to have a party in the shower and sing! Why not give them some entertainment and create their own personal “shower stage” with some music while they lead their own show.


Grow it – Bonsai Tree

A start-up kit with seeds, a pot plant and they will be well on their way to grow a beautiful plant/tree, Especially a Bonsai, it can be therapeutic and healthy to have in a home.


Personalized Travel Mug

For those loved ones with a caffeine and tea craving a personalized travel mug is perfect!  Always remembering that it was a gift from you!


Bear Claw Scratcher

For those with pets, or shall I say “furry children” a claw scratcher is a perfect treat. Definitely something I’d recommend for cat fanatics.


Gratitude Journal

Not only does it allow them some time to envision their future but also have a psychological benefit – which makes them feel better almost instantly.


A Power Bank

With everyone being on their cell phones constantly, it’s bound to run off out battery life especially at a time when they may need it this festive season. Why not give them the convenience of charging their phone wherever they are.



Have a great time shopping and try not to put yourself into any debt, you still have a new home to get with #EtchellsYoung

For your convenience, follow the link below to order some of these online: