We eliminate the Landlord’s biggest concerns by efficiently Managing and Maintaining your Investment Property, enforcing
timeous rental payment and dealing with all tenant queries.


  • Liaise with Body Corporate & Managing Agents
  • Handle all correspondence on behalf of owner with the tenant
  • Invoice tenants monthly for rental and utilities
  • Send a detailed statement to the owner on a monthly basis
  • Collect monthly rental and utilities from the tenant
  • Chase and follow up if tenant makes late and part payments
  • Deal with problematic tenants
  • Feedback to the owner in the case of any issues with tenant
  • Payment of utilities, levies and other accounts
  • Assistance/advice with regards to Legal Processes/Evictions


  • Deal with maintenance queries raised by tenants
  • Full administration of repairs and maintenance
  • Determining tenant liability for maintenance as per the lease
  • Payment of authorized maintenance/repairs on the owners' behalf 
  • Attend to emergency and after hours maintenance issues
  • 24 Hour Maintenance number in case of emergencies
  • Access to professional and reliable contractors
  • Dealing with Body Corporate and Insurance claims as required.
  • Manage exit inspection snag list and repair damage caused by tenants by applying the deposit as required
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Why Choose Us To Manage

• Apply strict screening criteria to ensure quality tenants who will respect the owners’ property.
• Advertise your property aggressively which will give you the “advantage of choice” 
• Stay abreast of new legislation to fully understand the owners’ rights and obligations.
• Compliant lease agreement that will protect the owners’ rights. 
• Team of experienced portfolio managers’ who run a professional management system. 
• Experienced maintenance department to co-ordinate and manage authorized repairs and maintenance.

"Good tenants prefer to rent properties that are managed by a reputable Rental Agency"