Conflict Resolution between Landlords & Tenants

Rental Housing Tribunals are in the process of being established in all provinces in accordance with the Rental Housing Act 1999 and Rental Housing Amendment Bill; many having already had a significant influence on conflict resolution in the rental housing market.

The Tribunals' rulings are as enforceable and indisputable as those made by a competent Court, and landlords and tenants are encouraged to use these services to settle unfair practices legally and fairly, and to avoid taking matters into their own hands. Competent and qualified members of the Tribunal have been appointed by the MEC for this very reason; so both parties can rest easy that their complaints will be dealt with in a fair and just manner.

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Factors Which Could Delay The Transfer Process

  • The seller could be in arrears on the installments of the existing bond, and could have difficulty in coming up with the money.
  • Either/both the buyer and seller could disclose insufficient or incorrect essential information.
  • Any of the parties involved could delay the provision of documentation, guarantees, certificates, employee subsidy documents and so on, on time.
  • A delay in signatures and/or payments of conveyancing documents/costs.
  • Delay by the buyer in obtaining government capital subsidy approval/employee subsidy documents for new bondholders and failure to comply with other requirements of the bank.
  • Special consents in terms of the title deed may need to be obtained.

Article Written by Marie Van Coller 
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