Security Estates in High Demand

Rising safety and security concerns amongst South Africans has driven the demand for homes in gated estates and community living through the roof. Security remains a top priority and is the most notable reason for buying in a gated estate.

Lightstone stated that over 80% of properties sold in 2015 were in gated communities. With crime statistics as high as they are, buyers want the peace-of-mind that access control, perimeter monitoring and 24-hour security affords.

But safety is not the only factor; estate living offers an exclusive and upmarket community lifestyle boasting many highly attractive features; such as swimming pools, tennis and squash courts, parks, gyms, clubhouses and even golf courses. Residents are expected to adhere to rules and regulations governing speed on the roads and conduct within the estate; a significant advantage to families with children and pets.

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Conflict Resolution between Landlords & Tenants

Rental Housing Tribunals are in the process of being established in all provinces in accordance with the Rental Housing Act 1999 and Rental Housing Amendment Bill; many having already had a significant influence on conflict resolution in the rental housing market.

The Tribunals' rulings are as enforceable and indisputable as those made by a competent Court, and landlords and tenants are encouraged to use these services to settle unfair practices legally and fairly, and to avoid taking matters into their own hands. Competent and qualified members of the Tribunal have been appointed by the MEC for this very reason; so both parties can rest easy that their complaints will be dealt with in a fair and just manner.

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