Conveyancing is the legal process of obtaining registered and lawful ownership of fixed property - including improved and unimproved land, houses, farms and flats.  As well as registration of bonds and other rights to fixed properties including Servitudes, Usufructs etc....

It entails the transfer process from the date the Deed of Sale is signed to the date of payment of the finances and the delivery of the deeds. Buying a home and registering a bond can be a long and complex process. It helps to know the parties involved and the steps required for bond registration.

Parties Involved

Parties involved in the sale or purchase of a property:


Estate Agent


Transferring Attorney (appointed by the seller to transfer the property into the buyer's name)

Bond Attorney (appointed by the bank granting the bond to register the bond)

Cancellation Attorney (appointed by the bank cancelling bond of seller to cancel the previous bond)

The same attorney could be appointed to handle more than one or even all of the above transactions.