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Get Your Home Pet Ready

In May 2013, the American Heart Association (AHA) released a scientific statement associating pet ownership with reduced heart disease risk factors and greater longevity. That means, having a pet at home adds to your healthy & Happy lifestyle. Pets increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, socialize, regular walking or playing […]

A Guide to Acquiring Your First Investment Property

If you are reading this then that means you are thinking of or have decided to invest in property. Property is a great investment; it is however good to know what you are signing up for when you buy to let.   Why NOW is a Good Time to Buy […]

2019 Property Market Review and the Outlook for 2020

2019 can only be described as a very difficult and unpredictable year in the residential property market, resulting mainly from the sluggish economy in South Africa. The job losses in the economy and poor investor sentiment added to the woes in the property sector. Eskom’s troubles and the resumption of […]

How to Improve Rental Returns in the Current Rental Market

The Rental Market in Gauteng Let’s start off by looking at and understanding the current rental market in Gauteng which, to say the least, is challenging! We have an over-supply of rental property in the market as a result of the many new properties that have been built over the […]

Can I Cancel My Offer To Purchase?

Can I cancel my offer to purchase? Offer to purchase = OTP   An offer to purchase (OTP) is a document that is signed by a prospective buyer stipulating the sum of money that he is willing to pay to buy the seller’s property, as well as containing the conditions […]